A starter theme for Wordpress that uses Bulma + Webpack + Sass

Download Theme(.zip) Download Child Theme(.zip)
Do you want to use Webpack + Sass + ES6
and all the latest good that these technologies have to offer?
You can download take the theme, and run npm install, and you are all set!
For directory structures and how to get started guide, go to the documentation (link to documentation page).
Bulmascores is also integrated with Timber (Optional) templating engine,
so you don’t have to write the ugly Wordpress loops that makes your code messy.
Bulmascores tries to reduce the project set up time for your next Wordpress website by being the starter theme with Bulma.
You can customize the sass file, bulma is included in the sass, play around with the variables.
Utilizes webpack to compile sass and your latest javascript syntax.
Bulmascores uses npm to manage the dependencies, so all the updates can be done with one command.
Bulmascores is integrated with Webpack,
so you can bring Sass and latest ES6 javascript functionalities to your wordpress project!
Bulmascores is fully open-source project. If you’d like, you can participate at the repository (https://github.com/se468/Bulmascores).